Sorry for taking so long getting out our Newsletter for Spring 2014, but it's here at last. The idea is for this newsletter to keep you informed as to what our group are up to within the Ecclesfield Conservation Area.

During 2014 we will not be competing in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition. This however does not mean that planters and floral areas will be left unattended. As you will already have noticed every planter has been showing off its excellent spring Tulips and Daffodils, and looking just as splendid as in previous years.

It was decided that we should have a year’s sabbatical, consolidate what we have, and plan for the future. A further reason for not applying for the village to be judged, was the forthcoming road-surfacing and pavement-improvements, which will mean having to temporally relocate most planters, and disturb plant management. Locations have been allocated and planters will again be filled with summer floral displays, but this will leave some areas quite barren. We will obviously replace the planters on completion of the road works, but as we all know quite well, work Lady Croft Meadow, off St. Mary's Lane, Ecclesfieldlike this produces problems - hopefully not, BUT-!-!-!

We have now purchased an additional grass cutting machine, which should make life a lot easier for our grass cutters (we do have a lot of grassed area). In addition to our home grown plants, summer plants are being bought, and with compost and fertiliser also being obtained, significant funding is needed.

Some funding comes from generous local companies and householders. However we also have a fund-raising plant-sale, with coffee, tea and cake stalls, taking place on Saturday 17th of May, at St. Mary's Church, Ecclesfield, from 10-00 a.m. until 12-30 p.m. Please come along. Bring friends; bring anyone. We will supply the goods; you supply the funding.

A further project is currently going through concerning "The Green" (I.e. the land bordering lower Priory Road and Church Street). Our group have secured the future of this piece of land for the village of Ecclesfield for the next 125 years, ensuring that no building-type work can be carried out on it. To do this we have had to form “Ecclesfield in Bloom Limited” as a legal entity. “Legal-Beatles” are currently crossing Ts and dotting Is and it should be finalised in June or July 2014.

Looking from The Green to St. Mary's Church Yard, Ecclesfield

This project has to be funded and we have worked very hard to limit costs by using the experience of our professional member’s talents. Planters are available for sponsorship, and we love to receive cheques and cash donations, all of which goes to the Village Floral displays through Ecclesfield in Bloom.

We will try to ensure that everyone within the Village is kept informed as to progress through newsletters such as this.