Ecclesfield In Bloom News Letter - Autumn 2010

The nights are drawing in and at last we know the results of the "Yorkshire In Bloom" awards. 

We did very well, coming from a very-low nearly-Bronze position after Spring judging, to a healthy Silver Rose Award with some glittering comments from the Royal Horticultural Society judging team about our improvement and commitment. It was our first attempt in a full village category and a lot of work had to be put in by everyone involved and that meant not only the “In Bloom” committee but all the Village households who did their bit in putting out their own planters/boxes/pots/barrows containing floral displays; and this was picked up on by the two visiting judges along with poster window displays. For this we thank you all. Without your input we could not have made Silver.

Funding contributors 2010
  • M.E.P.S Europe.
  • AIS Assured Insurance Solutions
  • Angela Fryer
  • Jane and Brian Grace from Breaston, Derbyshire
  • Tracy’s Dressmaking Alterations
  • Dave Radford, Butcher
  • Ecclesfield Welfare Charities
  • St. Mary’s Lane Trust
  • Carter Smith, Accountants
  • Andrew Riddle
  • John Cave
  • You Choose Event
  • Various Anonymous Donations
...with apologies to anyone we may have missed.

The “In Bloom “ committee would also like to thank all for the help offered for next year and look forward to a good "floral experience" in 2011. Without funding we cannot operate and have been fortunate to have many contributors along with our own fund raising events. We will be having a Coffee and Mince Pie morning on Saturday 13th. November combined with the selling of "Ecclesfield In Bloom" Christmas Cards. The cards were very sought after and sold out last year, so please add this date to your diaries. The event will run from 10-00am until 12-00 noon, inside St. Mary's Church. Do not miss out; all the proceeds will go towards the 2011 floral displays for next Spring and Summer.

We will also be contributing, along with Ecclesfield Conservation Group, to the Christmas Tree within St Mary’s Church grounds.

At the same time, together with the "Ecclesfield Conservation Group", we have renovated the old garage site between St. Mary's Lane and the Park. We hope to continue the improvements, and place at least one bench on the site, for which we will be asking for funding from the "YOU CHOOSE" event taking place on Tuesday 16th of November at Newton Hall, Chapeltown (See map at left and photo of the venue at right). We need your votes so please come along before 6pm so that you can register to vote. It is not an ideal day, time, or venue for Ecclesfield but we do require your vote, otherwise, the Council could consider LadyCroft "unused land" and sell for flats, what we think could become Ecclesfield's nicest open space.